H Alberto Flores

Department: National Board

Personal Information:

Is a forward thinking, Marketing Leader & Creative Director with expertise designing, developing, and implementing innovative brand strategies for global enterprise companies and small start-ups. Hands-on Leader focused on defining and executing a clear brand vision to drive lead generation, customer acquisition, sustainable revenue growth, and profitability.

20+ years of experience competing on World-Class Multi-Sport Expeditions as an endurance athlete, team leader and team developer.

Marketing Expertise on: ​Keynote Presentations, Funnel Developer, Brand Vision, B2B/B2C Product Launches, Digital/Email Marketing, Funnel Optimization, Campaign Development, eCommerce & Retail Strategy, SEO/SEM, Advertising, PR, Communications, Social Media, Brand Design, Graphics & Visualizations, WordPress partnership, Shopify partnership, Print, Digital Content, Global Adaptation/Localization.

Founder and Creator of the 4050+ Adventure programs for Entrepreneurs and Athletes to Take Control of Leadership Development and The Four​ Intelligent​ Restraint​ ​Practices​ ​Successful Growth​ ​Leaders​ ​use​ for long-term success.

H Alberto is a passionate advocate of LatinX Professionals to help reach their full potential, empowering them with the knowledge and resources that open doors of opportunity for all.