Alberto Flores

Department: National Board

Personal Information:

H Alberto Flores Is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of HAFGrow Media. Alberto is considered one of the leading global minds on creating digital content “Source Files” for software companies in the Silicon Valley in the ’90s, reproducing data, music, and art using digital capture, scanning, and reproduction with state-of-the-art technology.

He founded Art On Giclee in 1999 a fine art reproduction studio providing professional digitization producing high-quality limited editions giclées for galleries, museums, and art collectors, working closely with artists, photographers, and marketers placing products on e-commerce websites and social media platforms emerging from Web1 to Web2.

Alberto acutely recognizes trends and patterns early to help entrepreneurs and start-ups to understand how these shifts impact markets and consumer behavior, emerging artists and brands to digital communications, FinTech and NFT investing, as Web3 evolves.

Founder of Art On NFT a boutique marketplace in development for Tokenomics enthusiasts.

Marketing Leader & Creative Director with expertise in designing, developing, and implementing innovative brand strategies for global enterprise companies and small start-ups. A hands-on leader focused on defining and executing a clear brand vision to drive lead generation, customer acquisition, sustainable revenue growth, and profitability.